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REVIEW: Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation

Around last year now revolution released a concealer caller conceal and define and everyone went mad about it as it was so affordable at £4 and it is such a good concealer for the price and is a dupe for the tarte shape tape. Them releasing this concealer was definitely a big step for them as their brand got so much growth from it and have been doing amazing ever since (even thought they were before). After trying this concealer myself i have come to love this brand so much and everything they release is just such amazing quality. When everyone had tried that they were all wanting it in a foundation form (including myself). And of course they listened as they listen to everything that everyone suggests.
Since this foundation was first announced i have been dying to get my hands on it. They were released about to weeks ago now and ive finally got my hands on one and for £9 a bottle it cant hurt to try it right!. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos of people reviewing it and there…
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My Loose & Pressed Powders - My Makeup Stash

Not a makeup product that everyone gets excited about, but for me i love a good powder. I have combination skin and i tend to get quite oily around my t-zone, nose and chin. So i do need to use a lot of powder and touch up during the day. I feel like i do have a lot of powder but i do go through it rather quickly, and when you hit pan it tends to get rather difficult to get to the rest of the product.

E.L.F. Finishing Powder
This is such a lovely pressed powder, it feels so creamy and goes on to the skin lovely. I only tend to use pressed powder when I'm wanting to touch up and don't want to carry around a loose powder (just to clumsy to do that). I highly recommend if your wanting to try a new pressed powder that it super affordable.

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Perfecting Powder

Now when living in the UK it can often be difficult to find some certain makeup items as they don't always release them in the UK. I found this one at the beauty outlets store and i had never se…

Nip + Fab Salicylic Acid Range. Are They Worth It?

Recently i have been hearing lots of good thing's about the new Nip + Fab Teen range, now I'm far from a teen anymore but with them being salicylic acid i thought that i would give them a go, because it cant hurt to try right! I love Nip + Fab products and i have been using them for years and they have always worked great for me. I have previously tried the glycolic range and that worked great for me when i don't have breakouts. 
I wasn't going to upload this review for a while so i had a chance to try and review the products properly but i have been using them for about a week and i have already seen a huge difference in my skin and i did start to come out in a few breakouts but that always happens as its bringing the bad stuff out of your skin, and while still using them the breakouts were gone with in a couple of days. At the moment my skin is not doing so good and i have recently had a lot of breakouts. I have tried so many different skin care products (probably no…

Holy Grail Drugstore foundation & Powder Routine

I know eveyone has that one foundation that they always go back to even when they have about 10 others in their collection. I have tried foundation after foundation trying to find one that sits on my skin the way that i want it to and just make my skin look flawless and smooth. I know everyone gets caught up in the release of a new high end foundation (because i do) and i sometimes have to restrain myself from buying them as i already have enough foundation to last me a life time, and sometimes in the release of a drugstore foundation which i do buy and they're always super affordable and wont break the bank. And if i don't like them then i dont feel as bad.
I do have slightly combination skin so i do tend to get a bit oily throughout my t-zone and around my nose and chin, but that is only when its super hot and it rarley is in the UK. So i need a foundation that is going to stay on all day and not budge, and this one definately does the job. i try to use all of the other found…

My Single Powder & Liquid Highlighters - My Makeup Stash

Highlighters are my favourite part of doing makeup and i think that any beauty influencer or just makeup lover will agree that all and any highlighters are amazing and will also themselves have a wide selection of highlighter, and therefore i have a lot of them. Again i will leave pictures of all the ones that are mentioned down below.

Revolution Pro Illuminate

For £4 this is an absolutely amazing highlighter. I had been looking for this highlighter for ages but it is really difficult toget in stores, as i wanted to see if the colour would match me. But eventually just ordered it. It is such a nice pale gold colour that would probably suit all skin tones. It is not glittery at all and it really does just give that beautiful glow from within look. The powder is so soft and smooth and not chunky at all, it applies beautifully and you can build it up more for an intense highlight. There really isn't enough hype around this product and I have never really heard anyone talk about it but …

September 2018 Glossy Box

Its the second post to my glossy box review series. This months glossy box was inspired by 'Back to school' to help you  prep and get organised this September. whether your heading back to work, university or school, these 6 handbag essentials are perfect for if your late and on the go. This month was included with 5 full size items and 1 deluxe mini, all worth over £65. The box includes a perfume, Eyebrow cream, Lip Liner, Scalp Detox Treatment, Antibacterial Wipes and a bubbling sheet mask. 

The Wild Garden Pure & Fabulous Eau de Parfum has notes of pear, water Lilly and warm amber. I really like receiving perfume in a glossy box as it gives me a chance to try other perfumes that i usually wouldn't go out and buy. This is a really nice fragrance it smells really fresh (which i like) and i would class this as an everyday fragrance. It is a 15ml fragrance but it is a great one to keep in your handbag if your jus wanting a touch up, and it would also make a great gift as…

Best Drugstore Face Mask's

So i know everyone loves a good face mask (I know i do). I try to do a sheet mask every other day and a clay mask maybe once a week. I know everyone has a different skin care routine but this is just what works best for me.
I do have a lot but i do also have my go to ones that do work best for me and i find i can always notice a result when using these. They are all so affordable and all so easy to get a hold of. I will try to leave links of all the ones mentioned down below.
Loreal Pure Clay Purity & Blemish Rescue Mask
If your wanting a super affordable easy to get a hold of clay mask that will purify your skin then the loreal ones are definitely a good place to start. The creamy texture works straight deep into your pores, leaving your skin feeling and looking purified and looking matte without drying it out to much. instantly after washing it of your skin will feel fresh and purified and feeling much softer.
But if your wanting a clay mask to tackle those blemishes then they do…